Psycho Blues

by Sawa Meron

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Jangle the night away with Sawa Meron's debut album! These 10 slappin' tracks can help bring you closer to the psychosis that we all desire. Filled to the brim with futuristic concepts like heartbreak and self-loathing, these jamming tunes are sure to help you understand the meaningless of your existence.


released October 15, 2013




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Digital Hotdogs Austin, Texas


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Track Name: I Don't Know You
What can you do
When she says I do
But you really don't

What can you say
When he walks away
And you're not okay

Love is such a tired game
And everybody seems so plain
And now you're looking just the same
Oh is that you

Where can you go
When you just don't know
And you can't escape

What do you do
When you're feeling done
I'm not having fun

Love is such a tired game
And everybody seems so plain
And now you're looking just the same

Oh cause it's true
I don't know you anymore
Track Name: Yeah Maybe
Some nights
I look in to the sky and realize
When things are not the way that I'd like
I want to be the butter to a hot knife
Clear away the junk from my life
Spill my guts of everything I wish I said
Lay my thoughts out along your bed
And dance among the shooting stars
But maybe you can change my mind

I wonder if I killed myself would
Anybody notice other than
Everyone I've ever loved or ever met
Well maybe they'd eventually get over it
Though they'd probably be fucked for a little bit
Just wondering why the hell I died
When I can't even explain why
But maybe you can change my mind
Track Name: I'm Just Hoping Everything Will Work Out Fine
I'm awake in a lifeless daze
Wonder why I feel this way
Acting like I'm a conscious being
Stuck in place like a sprouted bean
Am I dead
Am I alive
I'm just guessing it always works out fine

And I know that it's just my dreams
Splitting hairs by the steel machines
Finding out at the auto show
I know
It's a dream that I never asked for
Cant you help
I'm overwhelmed
I'm just hoping everything will work out fine
Track Name: Psycho Blues
I try really hard
To lead a decent life
I keep along the straight and narrow

But sometimes I feel like
I'm going off the deep end
And I don't really give a fuck

I've got the psycho blues
Doesn't matter if I win or lose
Doesn't matter which path I choose
Everything is such a fucking snooze

I've got the psycho blues
Doesn't matter if I win or lose
Doesn't matter which path I choose
Every way I am fucking doomed
Right now

I don't understand why
I still don't understand life
When it assaults me every day

Am I a mental case
Am I from outer space
Somebody put me in my place

I've got the psycho blues
Doesn't matter if I win or lose
Doesn't matter which path I choose
Every way I am fucking doomed

I've got the psycho blues again
Track Name: Keep Out
I've got a message for everyone I know
Stay the fuck away
I'm batshit crazy
Cause I'm losing my mind
A day at a time
Talking to myself
I wonder why nobody comes around

I'm getting judged by the people outside
Now I gotta hide
Or else I'll probably die
I'll never say my name
You'll probably think I'm lame
It doesn't suit me well
I'm always getting hell
From the dude behind the scenes
Who isn't very clean
So I don't make a sound
I wonder why nobody comes around
Track Name: Off You Go
How should I feel
When you leave me so broke
Treating me like a joke
Girl you know I can't cope

How should I feel
When you treat me so bad
After all that we had
Are you completely mad

You say you don't know
And it shows
And now off you go
You say you don't love
Me anymore
I guess it's okay
Cause I don't believe you anyways
Track Name: Roundabout
I'm okay
Well at least for just today I say
Cause who knows what is in store for me
Maybe something happy please
I'm up and down
Whenever you're in town oh
Help me out

Always gotta tread easy ground
If I wanna keep you around
Whenever you get bored I'm gone
Just another face lost in the pond
Another race lost to a pawn
If you have to stop and pout you will never pull me out

Oh yeah

I'm not here
For when you're drunk and want me to appear
I'm still cruising through this roundabout
And I'm never coming out yeah
It's north and south
Spilling out of my mouth yeah
Help me out

Apathetic posts on your blog
Never gonna write home to me
If you wanna hear my thoughts
Then you need to be straight with me
And tell me what you're thinking please
To tell you the truth I think that you're uncouth

Track Name: Suckin' On a Beer
Rolling down the street of the neighborhood where I once lived
Wondering if I really ever should lift my eyelids

I never thought it would end up like this
I never thought I could be so remiss
I never thought I would know it for sure
And now I know that there is no cure

Sucking on a beer in the parking lot after hours
Reminisce about all the stupid shit back when I was

I never thought I would make it this far
I never thought I would be so unscarred
I never thought that my plan would work
Yet here I stand feeling like a jerk
Track Name: Syrf Party
I saw you standing all alone
Oh how I want to take you home
What a strange occurrence though I knew that we would meet
I could barely right myself back up on to my feet

Won't you be mine
Won't you be mine

I don't care what you do to me
You're the only thing
That can cure me of
This misery
Oh can't you see
You're the only one for me
I don't care about your past or any future crimes
Lightning doesn't strike the same spot 100 times
I should know better than to write these sappy rhymes
Guess the young and stupid fall in love every time

Won't you be mine
Won't you be mine
Track Name: Holly Taunter
I don't mean to freak you out
But I still think of us sometimes
And I don't really know why
I just wish you'd hear me out
I am not the boy that
You once knew a long long time ago

Do I ever cross your mind
Things are different now
Though I still can't seem to figure shit out
I can't shake these memories
It makes no difference what I do
Cause you still taunt me in my dreams